Best Acupuncture Clinics in Sydney

We reviewed 103 acupuncture clinics in Sydney to find the best in the city. If you’re looking for acupuncture near you, you’ll want to trust a Top Expert.

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By Christian Sculthorp
Last edited on: March 23, 2023
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In the bustling metropolis of Sydney, numerous acupuncture clinics cater to the growing demand for natural and holistic healing methods. With an array of options available, it can be a daunting task to identify the best clinics that truly stand out. 

Top Expert’s mission is to simplify this process for you, so we’ve diligently researched and compiled a list of the top acupuncture clinics in Sydney. Join us as we unveil the most exceptional acupuncture clinics in the city, offering unparalleled experiences for your health and well-being.

Top 14 Acupuncture Clinics in Sydney

We used the following criteria to help determine the top acupuncture clinics in Sydney: 

Table of Contents

1. Village Remedies Balmain

Village Remedies Balmain Website
Address:1/430 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2041
Phone:0478 753 881
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 184 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Acupuncture Therapy Services, Chinese Herbal Medicine

Village Remedies is an acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic with branches in Balmain and Sydney City. They are home to qualified and skilled Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioners with ten years of combined experience. 

Their treatment and practice focus on using Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture to deliver great physical comfort. They use a practical and results-based approach to ensure you get quality service. 

The distal style needling, which means we place needles “distal” (or far away) from the site of discomfort, is one of their most practised styles. 

Within 45 to 55 minutes, they are able to give you an assessment, acupuncture treatment, and herbal recommendation. 

Village Remedies provide a safe and comfortable environment in both locations. They also have HICAPS available for all acupuncture services to provide you with a spot rebate for all treatments.

Customer Review Highlights:

The guys at Village Remedies Balmain know their stuff. No doubt about it. When I presented at the clinic with a bulging disc in my lower back and chronic nerve pain (sciatica) down the left leg, giving acupuncture a try was my last hope before resorting to surgery. After a couple of treatments with Gavin, the pain began to shift and within 6 weeks had diminished significantly. 3 months later I’m pain free. No leg or back pain at all, and no surgery necessary. Quite amazing really..”

2. Authentic Acupuncture

Authentic Acupuncture Website
Address:13/340 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2041
Phone:02 9188 1560
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 61 reviews across 2 profiles
Services: Acupuncture Services

Brendan Meek founded Authentic Acupuncture in 1998. With 24 years of experience in the field, Brendan has been treating people with his results-driven Eastern therapies. 

Even though acupuncture’s efficacy has not yet been studied for all conditions, its treatment is generally considered safe and a reasonable supportive option for managing a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses. 

Doing acupuncture may assist in managing diabetes, hypertension, polycystic ovarian syndrome, insomnia, infertility, sciatica, multiple sclerosis, gastrointestinal disorders, circulatory disorders, joint pain, and more. 

Brendan received his formal studies in traditional Chinese acupuncture, Chinese meridian massage, and Chinese medicine. He travelled widely throughout Asia to further his training and even studied in Taiwan, South Korea, and Indonesia. 

Brendan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, majoring in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, from the University of Technology, Sydney. 

He also obtained a diploma in traditional Chinese massage at the Chi-Chinese Healing College in Sydney.

Customer Review Highlights:

“I have been attending Authentic Acupuncture and treated by Brendan for over 10 years now.  As a huge sceptic initially, I decided to give it a go as Western Medicine alone could only help to a certain degree.  I was personally made to feel at ease and comfortable from the very first treatment way back then.  Brendan is a considerate acupuncturist who took the time to explore my health history, leaving me feeling safe and listened to regarding my health concerns.”

3. Newtown Acupuncture

Newtown Acupuncture Websites
Address:15 Gowrie St, Newtown NSW 2042
Phone:0416 453 948
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 54 reviews across 2 profiles
Services: Acupuncture Service, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Channel Scrubbing Service, Chinese Cupping Service,  Moxicombustion Service, Remedial Massage Service

Newtown Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Centre offers acupuncture, traditional medicine, channel scrubbing (Gua Sha), Chinese cupping, moxicombustion, and remedial massage. They specialize in sports injuries, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and arthritic and joint pains. 

The initial consultation costs $20, but with an acupuncture session, the costs would be $100. The remedial massage is $20 for 20 minutes. 

Dr Bill Zhang is the primary practitioner and founder of the Australian Newtown Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Centre. He is a Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria registered Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.

Dr Zhang is also a full member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd. On top of that, Dr Zhang also acquired a full membership from the Australian Chinese Traditional Orthopaedics Association Inc. 

Before moving to Australia, Dr Zhang practised privately in hospitals in China as a physician for acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for 30 years. 

Through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, Bill became a Chinese Medicine practitioner/Acupuncturist and Herbalist.

Customer Review Highlights:

Bill treated my 39 week pregnant wife. We came to relieve tension and possibly bring on labour. Bill was very measured with his approach and was very calming. We think the treatment was very successful and within 24hours of treatment my wife delivered our baby. I have also been seeing Bill over the last year for neck and shoulder pain and have found his treatments provide excellent relief..”

Tonika Health Logo

4. Tonika Health

Tonika Health Website
Address:391 Riley St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone:02 9211 3329
Reviews:4.9/5 ⭐ from 55 reviews across 2 profiles
Services: Acupuncture Service, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Therapeutic Massage Service

Tonika Health is a clinic in Surry Hills that has provided message, acupuncture, and natural therapies for more than 15 years. Their practitioners are qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable about the services Tonika offers. 

Apart from acupuncture, they have a therapeutic massage, Shiatsu massage, hot stone therapy, and telehealth oriental medicine consultations. They service clients from Alexandria, Surry Hills, Darlington, Darlinghurst, Moore Park, Glebe, Redfern, Paddington, Sydney CBD, and Ultimo. 

Peter Scarselletti is one of the acupuncturists at Tonika Health. Peter is a Chinese medicine herbalist with more than 16 years of experience. He strongly focuses on male and female reproductive health, having worked in some of Sydney’s fertility and pregnancy acupuncture clinics. 

Peter has extensive interest and knowledge in classical and contemporary Chinese herbal medicine prescription, contemporary physical and energetic detoxification protocols, and dietary modification and supplementation. 

He volunteered as a mentor and acupuncturist at Vajra Varahi Healthcare in Chapagaun, Nepal. Almost 100 clients were provided with acupuncture each week during Peter’s visits.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Peter has been an absolute god send. After spending +3.5 years with continual back pain and seeing countless practitioners, Peter was able to get me back to a place where I no longer had pain in a matter of weeks! He is an expert in the field and you can  tell this is his passion. He is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and holds himself to a high standard of care. I always look forward to my appointments – Tonika is a beautiful   and calming space and I’d highly recommend a visit.”

Integrated Health Sydney Logo

5. Integrated Health Sydney

Integrated Health Sydney Website
Address: 129 Booth St, Annandale NSW 2038
Phone: 02 9518 1253
Reviews: 4.9/5 ⭐ from 49 reviews across 2 profiles
Services: Remedial Massage Service, Naturopath Service, Acupuncture Service, Therapeutic Service, Detox Program, Blood Type Nutrigenomics

Integrated Health is a centre that offers personalized healthcare service that incorporates evidenced based natural medicine and health science. The process starts with checking the patient’s overall health and choosing the appropriate treatment and practitioner that best suits the patient’s needs. 

Once done, the first available appointment will be scheduled. Integrated Health offers acupuncture and Chinese medicine, biomesotherapy, blood type diet, cupping therapy, genotype diet, homoeopathy, microscopic analysis, massage therapy, naturopathy, nutritional and herbal, sports nutrition, sports injury therapy, and weight loss program. 

The Integrative Naturopathic consultation, with one in-house test included, costs $65 to $205, depending on the length of consultation time. 

The additional in-house test is an added $100. Dr Jason Mallia is the director, founder, and principal Clinician of Integrated Health. He is an Acupuncturist and a registered Chinese medicine practitioner under the Division of Acupuncture and CMBA. 

Dr Jason is also an accredited Naturopath, a highly experienced and qualified practitioner with more than two decades of experience in the health industry. He has completed studies in multiple modalities of natural and integrative medicine. 

On top of that, Dr Jason is a published writer for a South African paper, the Journal of Natural Medicine.

Customer Review Highlights:

“I have been treated by Jason for over a decade for predominantly auto-immune and gut issues, all related really, with great success, my go to Dr when things get tough, very professional and has such breadth of knowledge in a multitude of therapies which he brings to his patients with great success.  Medical science still does not have much to offer when it comes to auto-immune, which I have 3 of now.  Jason’s approach has improved my quality of life and regard him highly as a true healer.”

Rodd Sanchez Acupuncture Logo

6. Rodd Sanchez Acupuncture

Rodd Sanchez Acupuncture Website
Address:4/229 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 8213 2888
Reviews:4.9/5 ⭐ from 48 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Acupuncture Service, Acupuncture IVF Transfer Service, Auricular Therapy Service, Bioptron Light Therapy Service, Biopuncture Therapy, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Cupping Service, Ear Seeds Service, Facial Gua Sha Service, Gua Sha Service, Herbal Consult Service, Laser Acupuncture Service, Tui Na Service, Moxibustion Service, Truequit Service

Rodd Sanchez is a practitioner of traditional and modern acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, auriculotherapy and oriental body works. One of his signature services is cosmetic facial acupuncture. 

It is where he uses bioptron lights and low-level laser therapy to boost your facial skin. He has been in the field for over 20 years, and now he treats patients at his Sydney acupuncture CBD clinic and Sylvania Waters medical practice. 

Rodd Sanchez is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA). He is also a fellow of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and the Australian Acupuncture Body Association. 

You can visit Rodd Sanchez’s clinics and try out some of his healing treatments at 4/229 Macquarie St, Sydney, and at 8/3 Richmond Ave, Sylvania Waters.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Immediately upon first contacting Rodd he was keen to help and discuss my needs with an obvious interest to cater for the specifics discussed. He was more than generous with his time and advice with his over-the-phone support. Rodd is obviously well versed in his studies of healing the human body. Thanks Rodd! (Legend)”

Ilan’s Acupuncture Logo

7. Ilan’s Acupuncture

Ilan’s Acupuncture Website
Address:6/66 Ewart St, Marrickville NSW 2204
Phone:0426 228 413
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 45 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Moxibustion Service, Acupuncture Service, Shiatsu Service

Ilan’s Acupuncture Clinic is owned and managed by Ilan-Ben Nissan. Ilan is a licensed acupuncturist who has years of experience in this field. He completed his Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Technology Sydney, then went to China to acquire an Internal Medicine, Acupuncture, and Massage diploma from the Japan-China Friendship Hospital in Beijing. 

Ilan also went to Japan to attend a 5-year training with the highly regarded acupuncturist Edward Obaidey. Ilan’s Acupuncture Clinic offers classical Japanese acupuncture for treating a person, not ailments or symptoms. 

The process can help people who are experiencing neurological conditions, cardiovascular disorders, respiratory conditions, digestive system disorders, urogenital disorders, gynaecological and obstetric disorders, and musculoskeletal disorders. 

It also relieves patients with skin, eye, sporting injuries, and psychological conditions. Ilan’s Acupuncture Clinic does moxibustion and shiatsu on top of the acupuncture treatment.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Ilan is the best therapist in the business, his treatments have been pivotal in not Only repairing & treating all my stubborn chronic injuries & improving my own going health, vitality & wellbeing! 5 star treatment! Highly recommended!”

David Lee Acupuncture Logo

8. David Lee Acupuncture

Address:Suite 11, Level 3/195 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:0407 688 188
Reviews:4.7/5 ⭐ from 50 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Acupuncture Service, Chinese Herbal Medicine Service, Cupping Service, Moxibustion Service

David Lee Acupuncture is an acupuncture practice established in the latter part of 2010. David Lee has a double degree in western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. His acupuncture practice is registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). T

his guarantees quality practice and skilled treatments. If you are looking into ways to manage your pain, stress, and fatigue, David Lee provides can track the underlying causes of your condition through pulse and tongue diagnosis. 

He also has expertise in Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, and moxibustion (moxa). Moxibustion is a therapy that stimulates circulation by burning herbal medicine. 

A consultation with David Lee entails an assessment, targeted treatment, and a treatment plan if needed. His clinic has a HICAP facility, so you can claim benefits on the spot.

Customer Review Highlights:

“David gave my shoulder instant relief, very clean clinic easy to locate between hunter street and Martin Place.”

9. Sydney Health & Wellness Centre

Sydney Health & Wellness Centre Website
Address:Level 4/88 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 9232 0130
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 30 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Acupuncture Service, Massage Service, Reiki Service, Sound Therapy and Chakra Balancing Service, Yoga Therapy Service, Zen Shiatsu Service

Sydney Health and Wellness Centre provides a wide variety of wellness and health services, including acupuncture, massage, reiki, sound therapy and chakra balancing, yoga therapy and zen shiatsu. 

Their acupuncturists specialise in fertility, stress management, PMS, and pregnancy. Among their massage services are remedial massage, sports massage, and zen shiatsu. Their qualified and skilled team of health and wellness practitioners are experts in holistic treatment. 

Dr Audrey de Jager practices Japanese acupuncture and herbal medicine. Simone Fruitier specialises in zen shiatsu, yoga, and remedial massage through her physical therapy background. Diana Edwards and Makiko Yano are reiki practitioners. 

Annie Teng is their reiki master, gong master, sound healing specialist and yoga teacher. For any health and wellness treatment you choose for your body, you are assured expert service and quality care at the Sydney Health and Wellness Centre.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Audrey is an incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful and friendly acupuncturist. I initially went to Audrey for advice and treatment for commencing my fertility journey as I wanted to ensure I was giving my body the best chance to try and conceive naturally. I have learnt so much from Audrey and there is no doubt in my mind that with her help we conceived our son reasonably quickly and I had a healthy, easy pregnancy and labour. I like the level of detail and explanation that Audrey gives and she has also helped with my stress levels, and any other aches and pains I have had a long the way”

Fertility & IVF Acupuncture Logo

10. Fertility & IVF Acupuncture

Fertility & IVF Acupuncture Website
Address:Level 10, Suite 6/428 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:1300 864 325
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 28 reviews across 1 profile
Services:Fertility Service, IVF Acupuncture Service

The Fertility & IVF Acupuncture Clinic practices high-quality acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine protocols combined with modern development in knowledge with traditional wisdom. 

They offer a 30-minute no-obligation consultation with Dr Kirk Wilson, the principal acupuncturist and herbal medicine practitioner, explaining the theory behind this form of medicine for patients to understand the commitment required to uphold its protocols. Patients will receive a TCM diagnosis or progress assessment before they receive their customised acupuncture and herbal medicine protocol at each appointment. 

An acupuncture session at Fertility & IVF Acupuncture Clinic is mostly pain-free, with a mild sensation being experienced on needle insertion. Other traditional Chinese medicine techniques may complement an acupuncture protocol, including Tui Na, Moxibustion, and Cupping. Dr Kirk Wilson has a particular interest in women’s health and infertility. As an integrative doctor, he employs protocols combining modern knowledge developments with traditional wisdom. 

Dr Wilson has an undergraduate major in Psychology and studied acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at SITCM or the Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He combined psychology and acupuncture when researching at the University of Technology in Sydney. Some clinical trials were spearheaded by Dr Wilson, where he tested acupuncture for depression and anxiety.

Customer Review Highlights:

“It’s taken me a while to write this review as I’ve been crazy busy. Crazy good busy with my gorgeous little baby daughter. I went to Kirk for fertility related acupuncture for 4 months from Oct-Dec in 2020. Prior to the treatment I had had a failed egg freezing cycle and not even sure if I was ovulating. I fell pregnant in Feb 2021, miscarried and then again in April and gave birth to my beautiful baby girl last Dec. Kirk is the best in the business. He is extremely professional, takes utmost care with all his patients. Kirk, thank you very much for all your help and care in me getting my baby girl.”

11. Point Specifics

Point Specifics Website
Address:1 Rhodes Pl, Kellyville NSW 2155
Phone:02 8807 2828
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 25 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Acupuncture Service, Chinese Herbal Medicine Service, Fertility and Gynecology Service, Pregnancy Acupuncture Service, Private Tai Chi Classes Service, Doula Service, Emotional Health Service, Digestion Service

Point Specifics Traditional Chinese Medicine is a family-owned clinic by Teja and Jacinda Jaensch. They are a married couple who are professional traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners. 

Among their services are acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, guasha, moxibustion (moxa), and dietary and lifestyle advice. 

Their team of skilled practitioners also specialise in various clinical interests such as male and female infertility, pregnancy (morning sickness/nausea, labour encouragement/induction, breech turning etc.), gynaecological disorders (period pain, PCOS, endometriosis, amenorrhoea, menopause symptoms etc.), chronic disease and emotional health. 

They also offer an Eco-Farm retreat wherein you may relax, unwind, and even learn Tai Chi or Bonsai. You can purchase your Bonsais from Point Specifics. They can assist you in the proper care, handling, and maintenance of the plant. For your continued treatment, they also supply bioceuticals and metagenics products.

Customer Review Highlights:

“First time I have tried acupuncture. I wanted to give it a go in order to help bring on labour naturally for my first baby. I saw Teja whose care and knowledge was exceptional. He also helped with SPD pain that I was expeirencing in late pregnancy. It worked! Went into labour in the evening after our last session. Delivered a healthy baby boy ☺️ Thank you for your care!”

Crows Nest Acupuncture Logo

12. Crows Nest Acupuncture

Crows Nest Acupuncture Website
Address:3/132 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest NSW 2065
Phone:02 9438 3006
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 22 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Acupuncture Service, Chinese Herbal Medicine Service, Remedial Massage Service, Cupping Service, Health Machine Technology Service

Crows Nest Acupuncture and Herbal Centre offers holistic and all-natural treatments to their valued clients. As trained Chinese herbal medicine practitioners, the staff offer a variety of holistic wellness treatments, including remedial massage, acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, and more. 

Their services are backed by extensive education and training recognized by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and AHPRA. Their methods are based on the concept of Qi, or life energy, which is believed to flow through the body. 

The expert practitioners at Crows Nest have extensive experience and training in traditional techniques, having studied at the University of Chinese Medicine in Beijing and being members of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). 

The price of the services is as follows: acupuncture from $85, Chinese herbal medicine from $85, remedial massage from $25, and cupping from $50. Crows Nest Acupuncture offers full rebates with all major private healthcare funds. The clinic is at Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, NSW. Crows Nest Acupuncture is open from Mondays to Saturdays, 9:30 am to 6 pm.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Great service. It’s nice to have a Practitioner that actually takes the time to understand what’s happening before jumping into generic treatments. Highly recommended, I’m a returning customer over the last couple of years.”

Glebe Point Acupuncture Sydney Logo

13. Glebe Point Acupuncture Sydney

Glebe Point Acupuncture Sydney Website
Address:111/166 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037
Phone:0404 492 830
Reviews:4.8/5 ⭐ from 21 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Service, Chinese Herbal Medicine Service, Chinese Remedial Massage & Tuina Service

Glebe Point Acupuncture Sydney is an acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine centre established in 2010 in the Inner West of Sydney. They support and optimize their client’s health through treatments for various general health conditions. 

Glebe Point commonly assists patients with pain injuries (cartilage problems, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, sporting injuries, etc.), stress and psychological health problems (depression, anxiety, insomnia, and smoking/alcohol addiction), and fertility health and gynecological conditions (PCOS, IVF support, hormone imbalance, etc.). 

The clinic also offers services for immune health, digestive health, neurological health, urogenital health, and skin health. Glebe Point practitioners are professionally qualified, registered, licensed, and accredited by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, and the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association. 

Greg Doyle is the founder and Principal Acupuncturist of Glebe Point. He began his practice in 1987 after graduating from a four-year course and taking an internship program at the Red Cross Hospital in Hangzhou, China. Greg acquired his Master’s Degree in the advanced application of Chinese herbal medicine to complex health conditions at the University of Technology, Sydney. In 201, Greg decided to start Glebe Point Acupuncture.

Customer Review Highlights:

“I’ve been seeing Greg on a regular basis for about 6 years now and he’s hands down the most skilled practitioner I’ve ever come across. Greg’s treatments keep me feeling balanced, strong and healthy. I always look forward to my appointment, it’s such a calm and tranquil environment – the ultimate self care”

The Acupuncture Clinic Logo

14. The Acupuncture Clinic

The Acupuncture Clinic Website
Address:25/29 Berry St, North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone:1300 066 341
Reviews:4.7/5 ⭐ from 16 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Fertility Treatments Service, Sports Injuries Service, General Health Service, Sleep Service, Anxiety, Depression and Stress Service, Skin Conditions Service, Digestive Disorders Service, Unrecognized and Unresponsible Conditions Service

The Acupuncture Clinic was established in 2011 and continues to provide preventative and rehabilitative health services. Specifically, they deliver acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary and lifestyle advice. 

They offer treatments for fertility, sports injuries, general health, sleep, anxiety, depression, stress, skin conditions, digestive disorders, and unrecognised conditions. These treatments are open and helpful for kids, women, parents, seniors, and expecting mums. 

Initial consultation and treatment takes one and a half hour and is priced at $120. Subsequent consultations and treatment costs $98 and last for an hour. For pensioners, subsequent consultations and treatment are $78. You can enjoy their treatment in a comfortable and private setting. 

The Acupuncture Clinic is open Mondays to Saturdays from 9:00am to 6:00 pm at their locations in Suite 106, Level 1, 25-29 Berry St, North Sydney, and Suite 206, Level 2, 24-30 Springfield Ave, Potts Point

Customer Review Highlights:

“Highly, highly recommend The Acupuncture Clinic. Mark Bray provides excellent remedial massage which resolved many issues related to previous surgeries and general imbalances and tension. Very thorough and works with you to understand the issues. Together with acupuncture from Pei and Stewart, a persistent migraine I was experiencing was quickly resolved as have old sport injuries.”


In conclusion, Sydney is home to a multitude of acupuncture clinics, each offering unique experiences to help enhance your health and well-being. By focusing on treatment efficacy, practitioner expertise, and comfortable ambiance, we have identified the city’s top clinics that truly stand out from the rest.


Acupuncture coverage varies depending on your insurance provider and policy. Many private health insurance plans in Australia offer coverage for acupuncture treatments as part of their extras packages. It’s advisable to check with your insurance provider for specific details on coverage and any limitations.

The cost of acupuncture treatment can vary based on factors such as the practitioner’s experience, clinic location, and treatment duration. On average, initial consultations can range from AUD 70 to 120, with follow-up sessions typically costing between AUD 50 and 100. Some clinics may also offer package deals or discounts for multiple sessions.