Best Car Detailers in Sydney

We reviewed 122 car detailing services in Sydney to find the best in the city. If you’re looking for a car detailer near you, you’ll want to trust a Top Expert.

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By Christian Sculthorp
Last edited on: March 21, 2023
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Whether you want to preserve your car’s appearance or restore it to its original beauty, you can work with a car detailer in Sydney. It takes a special skill and the right tools to do professional car detailing, which is why you need to work with a professional car detailer near you.

We’ve reviewed the best car detailers in Sydney, so you can choose the perfect detailing service for your car. See which ones made our list and why.

Top 15 Car Detailers in Sydney

We used the following criteria to help determine the top car detailers in Sydney: 

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Fine Shine Car Wash Logo

1. Fine Shine Car Wash

Address:2/4 Defries Ave, Zetland NSW 2017
Phone:1300 346 374
Reviews:4.9/5 ⭐ from 1934 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Ceramic Paint Protection Service, Fabric or Leather Protection Service, Full Car Detailing Service, Wheel Repair Services, Panel Repair Service, Tinting Service

Fine Shine Car Wash, Detailing & Paint Protection is a car detailing centre located in Zetland. They provide quality car care and pleasant service to all their customers. For numerous car needs, Fine Shine can do the job. 

They offer Gtechniq-accredited ceramic paint protection services and fabric or leather protection for your car seats, door trims, and carpets. 

If you want your car to be spotless, Fine Shine also offers various washing and cleaning services. 

Fine Shine can work wonders and give your car a makeover. With their full car detailing and paint rejuvenation, your vehicles get a fresher look. They can also handle wheel repairs and bumper bar and panel repairs. 

With their expert knowledge of car treatment, the Fine Shine treatment brings nothing less than brilliant cars at a non-blinding price tag.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Boys gave me a pretty sweet deal and took good care of me, you get good value for your money with a full detail, they were even kind enough to throw in extra services like headlight restoration for free. As long as you’re not expecting showroom levels of detail, these guys have amazing craftsmanship and pride in their work. Overall, I would recommend them to a friend and come back for another detail or a wash myself.”

Definitive Car Detailing Logo

2. Definitive Car Detailing

Definitive Car Detailing Website
Address:12/85 Mars Rd, Lane Cove West NSW 2066
Phone:1300 739 489
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from  485 reviews across 2 profiles
Services: Car Detailing Services

Car detailing requires the right materials and trained professionals. At Definitive Car Detailing, you know you are getting expert professionals with extensive knowledge of the right products to use for your cars. 

In their years of experience caring for vehicles, they have mastered using 27 car products and executing 11 detailing techniques. 

Definitive Car Detailing received pleasant reviews from their customers. From getting their cars done at Definitive Car Detailing, customers note the professionalism and accommodating atmosphere of the team. 

So whether you drive a simple or luxury car, you know that your vehicle is in skilled and passionate hands.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Frank did a great job, attention to details, thank you! My 6 months old car got earlier this week the self healing 3 layer protection and it looks better than when I got it brand new, even after the rain. Frank replied quickly on the weekend and took his time to explain all the options. Highly recommend Definitive Car detailing services.”

Australian Detailing Services Logo

3. Australian Detailing Services

Australian Detailing Services Website
Address:6/55 Bassett St, Mona Vale NSW 2103
Phone:0434 467 438
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 282 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Detailing Services

Australian Detailing Services provides high-standard car detailing with high-quality products that are not usually found at your regular car shops. 

They use XPEL paint protection film that comes with a ten-year warranty, and this paint protection film guarantees a pristine finish as it eliminates fine scratches and marks over time. To protect the ceramic paint of your vehicle, Australian Detailing Services utilize Gyeon Quartz. 

Gyeon Quartz is the best ceramic paint protection on the market and carries a 5-year warranty. This is especially great for improving the facade of your luxury cars and maintaining their value. They also offer mobile detailing, bringing their services closer to you.

 At Australian Detailing Services, you receive top-notch care for your vehicle with nothing less than high-class products.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Ryan and the team are amazing. I thoroughly recommend them. Highly professional with truly excellent customer service and workmanship. I had my GR Yaris get the full XPEL protection film. The finish is incredible. The gloss is spectacular and the attention to detail was fantastic. Very happy!”

Western Sydney Detailing Logo

4. Western Sydney Detailing

Western Sydney Detailing Website
Address:Ceramic Coatings, 52 Darcey Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154
Phone:0414 484 058
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 281 reviews across 2 profiles
Services: Automotive Detailing Services

Western Sydney Detailing has over ten years of experience in the car detailing industry and specializes in vehicle protection and detailing services. 

They use quality and high-end brands; some are used by prestige car manufacturers, including those from Feynlab, Scholl Concepts, Gtechniq, Menserna, Lake Country, Duragloss, Flex, CarPro, and Concours, to name a few. 

Western Sydney does paint protection, interior protection, paint correction, gloss enhancement, prestige detailing, change oil, and engine cleaning. For panel beating, smash repair, and painting and dent removal work, Western Sydney partners with Panther Prestige Smash Repair company. 

They also partner with Pacortech for anything related to maintenance, tuning, repairs and performance check. The shop has serviced over 5,000 cars to date. Some of their clients would describe them as an “incredible team”, “top class service”, “the epitome of customer service”, and so on.

Customer Review Highlights:

Adam from Western Sydney Detailing is the best car detailer in my opinion. I got my car ceramic coated by Adam and the results are fantastic.Adam is exceptional and provides top notch quality in his service. I spoke to many detailers before finalising with Adam , but he is the best person to do this job. He is honest , have detailed knowledge about the product and ceramic coating . He took time to explain me and answer all my queries, very friendly, humble and passionate about his work. If anyone is  looking out for ceramic coating / paint protection/ detailing , Adam is the guy!”

Schmicko Logo

5. Schmicko

Schmicko Website
Address:23 Hunt St, North Parramatta NSW 2151
Phone:02 9158 6636
Reviews:4.8/5 ⭐ from 472 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Car Detailing Services

Schmicko is a car detail service company founded and based in Sydney. They serve Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Blacktown, Eastern Suburbs, Kellyville, Northern Beaches, Liverpool, and Campbelltown. 

Schmicko does car wash and car detailing, car paint protection, roof lining repair, dash cam installation, car overspray removal, car signage removal, and car window tinting. 

They also offer boat detailing services, including exterior detailing, interior detailing, and ceramic coating protection. Schmicko has several packages available. 

Their silver package maintenance wash costs $99, including hi-foam hand shampoo, tyre dress and rim shine, windows exterior and interior, gentle hand dry, interior vacuum and wipe down, dashboard and console, door panels and frames, and deodorized. 

Presale detailing costs $349. 

They are open from Mondays to Fridays, 8 am to 5 pm. Their offices are located in North Parramatta and Melbourne.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Really happy with the pre sale detail. Much better than I could ever do myself and the technician Mike was very helpful well trained and nice to deal with. Will be using these guys again once new car arrives”

Detail Lab Logo

6. Detail Lab

Address:Unit 28/28 Barcoo St, Roseville NSW 2069
Phone:1300 344 334
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 249 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Automotive Detailing Services
Detail Lab Website

Detail Lab delivers quality all-around detailing for the exterior and interior of your cars. Specialising in paint protection services, including paint correction, ceramic paint protection, and paint protection films, Detail Lab can handle your cars’ aesthetic needs. 

From surface detailing to deep-clean detailing, you can choose the right service fit for your vehicle. Their car detailing services also come in packages that range from $595 to $1,895, but if you prefer specific services, they can also work with that.

 Besides detailing the interior and exterior of your car, Detail Lab can also provide you with car window tinting. Their car window tinting also comes with a variety of options you can choose from. 

Prices for their car window tinting service range from $280 to $440, and you can request a custom quote when you visit their Roseville auto shop.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Detail Lab offers exceptional service and quality products! Elias was incredibly easy to work with and he did a fantastic job with the Paint Protection Film for my new WRX. The post installation support was also great. I’d recommend Detail Lab!”

Sydney Premium Detailing Logo

7. Sydney Premium Detailing

Sydney Premium Detailing Website
Address:Unit 28/44 Carrington Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154
Phone:0432 430 459
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 173 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Car Detailing Services

Sydney Premium Detailing is composed of a team of certified and trained detailers and paint protection film specialists. They prioritise making sure that your car stands the test of time with their various car protection services. 

They offer paint protection, paint correction, paint protection film, as well as interior and wheel protection. Sydney Premium Detailing is known for their certified and authorised team of professionals that specialise in GYEON quartz and XPEL Applicators.

 GYEON quartz is an advanced coating system that protects and enhances the appearance of your car paint at the same time. Additionally, their team can install Kamikaze Collection and GTechniq. This certified service is unlike any other car detailer. 

With Sydney Premium Detailing’s fully-insured car polishing services that have been around for 12 years, you know that your car is handled by experts.

Customer Review Highlights:

I had my performance vehicle fully wrapped, ceramic coated, windows tinted, windshield protected and detailed. There were some minor imperfections, but they were able to fix them during the post service check-up a few weeks later. Excellent work, highly recommend.”

Detail Artisan

8. Detail Artisan

Detail Artisan Website
Address:1A Euston St, Rydalmere NSW 2116
Phone:02 8806 0557
Reviews:4.9/5 ⭐ from 157 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Car Detailing Services

Detail Artist is a car detailing and protection shop. Located in Euston Street, Rydalmere NSW, Detail Artist specialises in the advanced vehicle detailing of rare, luxury, and vintage cars. 

They offer car washing, car interior detailing, pre-sale car detailing, paint protection film, and graphene coating. Detail Artist is also the only car detailer that is authorised to use Swissvac, a brilliant wax with different ranges suited for different cars. 

Eddie Zhang and his team source their equipment and chemicals from Germany, the USA, Japan, and South Korea. With Detail Artists’ team of certified technicians, you are ensured that your service of choice is carried out by trained hands experienced in using innovative car detailing equipment.

If their professional guarantee is not enough, Detail Artist Sydney is fully insured, with a shop that is equipped with fully-functioning alarm systems.

Customer Review Highlights:

“These guys are wonderful. Outstanding service. High quality work. Very competitive pricing and really nice team to deal with. I am extremely happy with the work done on my car – graphene coating. They know their stuff.”

Leading Edge Car Detailing Logo

9. Leading Edge Car Detailing

Leading Edge Car Detailing Website
Address:755 Darling St, Rozelle NSW 2039
Phone:02 9166 3961
Reviews:4.9/5 ⭐ from 126 reviews across 1 profile
Services:Automotive Detailing Services

Leading Edge Car Detailing is a provider of elite car detailing services. They have expertise in handling and treating luxury vehicles like Tesla and Mustang. 

Among their expert services are ceramic paint correction, ceramic coatings, headlight restoration, and interior protection. In treating luxury cars, the damage is a cost you can’t risk. With Leading Edge, their services are insured and carried out with the utmost skill and professionalism. 

Not only that, but they also go beyond by giving window tinting and paintless dent repair from their partnered skilled contractors. 

Setting them apart from other car detailing companies, they offer innovative dry ice blasting technology for cleaning and restoring cars to their pristine glory.

Customer Review Highlights:

“I highly recommend Leading Edge for any detailing or paint protection services. I’ve had both of my cars detailed and ceramic coated and am so happy with the results. The paintwork looks better than when they were on the showroom floor. They stay glossy and are so easy to wash. Ayman and his team are all passionate, friendly and very talented. It’s rare to find such a well run business with such consistent, high quality workmanship. I will continue to take all my cars there.”

Supreme Mobile Car Detailing Pty Ltd Logo

10. Supreme Mobile Car Detailing Pty Ltd

Supreme Mobile Car Detailing Pty Ltd Website
Address:515 Hume Hwy, Casula NSW 2170
Phone:0433 351 108
Reviews:4.7/5 ⭐ from 155 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Car Detailing Services, Paint Correction Services, Paint Protection Services

Supreme Mobile Car Detailing offers all your car service needs anywhere you want. They offer car detailing that restores your vehicle to a neater condition, and their paint correction service can make your car look almost brand new. 

To protect the condition of your vehicle, they perform paint protection that comes with a lifetime warranty. Supreme Mobile Car Detailing ensures you get the proper cleaning and conditioning fit for your car. 

With their various car treatment packages, you can select the treatment and service that is perfect for your vehicle’s needs. Suppose you have other vehicles, no worries; 

Supreme Mobile Car Detailing also provides caravans, boats, and motorbikes cleaning and detailing. They also have services such as leather clean and condition clay bar treatment, tree sap removal, overspray removal, concrete cement removal, and more.

Customer Review Highlights:

“This was an outstanding service! Krishna is clearly passionate about his job and his business. He has great attention to detail and has made my car look better than it did when it rolled out of the showroom. The black paintwork now has a mirror finish. I can’t wait to bring him my other vehicles and also see their amazing transformations. AND his prices are extremely reasonable. Don’t waste your time and money by going anywhere else!”

AusPro Automotive Detailing Logo

11. AusPro Automotive Detailing

AusPro Automotive Detailing Logo
Address:282a Old Prospect Rd, Greystanes NSW 2145
Phone:0404 554 433
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 107 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Car Detailing Services

The AusPro Automotive Detailing business started in 2017. They offer car care products from waxing and polishing, paint protection, leather care and even high-tech ceramic coating. 

The products they sell are from reputable brands like Ethos, Gtechniq, Koch Chemie, Phoenix E.O.D, Sonax, and more. They also have their very own detailing and car care products. 

For those processing orders online, they will be processed the same day and will be shipped the next day. Customers may also decide to pick up their items at 282A Old Prospect Road, Greystanes, 2145, Sydney. In-store pickup hours are from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Sunday. 

AusPro Automotive will only accept returned products within 14 days from the day of the delivery and if the item is unused and in original condition.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Andrew did a fantastic job from start to finish. From outlining the exact scope of the tasks he will be performing (prep, cleaning, ceramic coating), all the way up to executing on it. He outlined the pros and cons of available options allowing me to make an informed, non pressured decision. The outcome was a car that looked better than showroom condition. His prep work and attention to detail in addition to the quality of his coating methods is second to none. Communicative, professional, and reliable. I will definitely be using his services again.

Dynamic Detailing Sydney Logo

12. Dynamic Detailing Sydney

Dynamic Detailing Sydney Logo
Address:Sydney, NSW
Phone:0421 578 978
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 92 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Vehicle Detailing Services

Founded in 2015, Dynamic Detailing Sydney has provided professional detailing services to vehicle owners. They offer paint correction packages that remove unwanted marks and bring back the glow of your car. 

They also specialise in ceramic paint protection. At Dynamic Detailing Sydney, they use Gtechniq crystal serum coatings that come in light and ultra varieties. The Gtechniq light crystal serum protects your car from UVA and UVB.

 It will also resist chemicals and give your car a glossy finish. When you choose the Gtechniq light crystal serum, you get a five-year service warranty. If this sounds good, but you prefer more, then you may want to consider their Gtechniq ultra crystal serum. 

Formerly called Detail Garage Sydney, Dynamic Detailing Sydney has continued to deliver traditional car care services combined with innovative tools. If you have questions about their services, you can contact Chris and his team through their hotline or send them a message through their website.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Brought in my GR Supra for a full detailing and paint correction service and I must say I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. Thanks Chris for the amazing service!”

Deluxe Automotive Detailing Logo

13. Deluxe Automotive Detailing

Deluxe Automotive Detailing Website
Address:19 Ada Ave, Brookvale NSW 2100
Phone:02 9939 2988
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 92 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Car Detailing Services, Ceramic Pro Paint Services

Deluxe Automotive Detailing is a car detailing workshop company with over 15 years of experience in the industry. The shop is located on Ada Avenue, Brookvale, NSW. 

It services Narraweena, Wheeler Heights, Manly, Beacon Hill, Dee Why, North Curl, Cromer, Northern Beaches, and Brookvale. They have several detailing and ceramic pro paint protection services. 

The list includes high-pressure wash, machine buff, hand polish, interior cleaning, steam cleaning, carpet shampoo, leather cleaning, leather conditioning, wheels cleaning, engine cleaning, and window cleaning.

 Their ceramic pro paint services have permanent protection, extreme gloss, super hydrophobic, above 9H hardness, leather protection, fabric protection, wheel protection, and glass protection. 

The shop also services window tint, paintless dent, bumper repairs, headlight refurbishment, paint correction, electron post protection, and leather re-colouring. 

Deluxe Automotive is open on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm.

Customer Review Highlights:

Absolutely 10/10. The service is great. The team did a great job. I opted to go with the ceramic coating on my 2005 ford falcon wagon. The exterior feels like a Teflon pan. I’m just waiting for a raining day now. The headlights are crystal clear. All chips and scratch marks touched up and buffed out. Everyone wants a new car. You don’t. You just want a clean car. Outstanding work team. Feels like I have a new car straight from the showroom.”

Wax & Wipe Logo

14. Wax & Wipe

Wax & Wipe Website
Address: Sydney, NSW
Phone: 0474 700 641
Reviews: 5/5 ⭐ from 85 reviews across 2 profiles
Services: Car Detailing Services

Wax and Wipe is a mobile car cleaning service based in Sydney. They offer cleaning services to any vehicle, from motorbikes, trucks and even business vehicles. 

Wax and Wipe aims to give inclusive car cleaning services wherein their clients feel heard and are well-informed of the procedures being done to clean their cars. Since the COVID outbreak, Wax and Wipe have taken their cleaning services to new measures as they now offer a car disinfection service. 

Their hospital-grade disinfection process includes cleaning your car interior with high-pressure steam to kill bacteria and germs, and then they use COVID-approved biocidal cleaner to restore your vehicle to its safest condition. 

Being a mobile car cleaning service, they serve multiple locations in Sydney and use only ecologically-friendly cleaning solutions that are on par with Australian standards.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Could not recommend Daniel’s service enough. Very polite and friendly. Did such an amazing job at detailing my car. My car literally looks brand new again, in and out, no joke. Very knowledgeable and was happy to answer all my questions regarding car detailing. Pricing is very affordable and fair. Could not praise him enough for what he does and how he does it. Thanks again, Daniel! Will be coming back for your service again in the future.”

Creative Car Care Logo

15. Creative Car Care

Creative Car Care Website
Address:Rear of, 80 Sunnyholt Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148
Phone:02 9678 9311
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 75 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Car Detailing Services

For over 30 years, Creative Car Care has been providing professional car detailing in Blacktown, Sydney. Their exterior wash and polish services include clean chrome and clean and coated tyres. 

You can get additional services like paint restoration and clay barring paintwork. While their complete interior detail includes cleaning the bott or rear compartment and your spare wheel, they also offer fabric protection, leather treatment, and get your car ready for export. 

Creative Car Care’s services are complete with engine washing, underbody cleaning, paint protection, hood lining repair, and vinyl and signage removal.

 What sets them apart is their use of NanoDiamond, which is a nanotechnology glass protective coating. So if you want your car to shine like a diamond, Creative Car Care may be what you need.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Amazing service. Rod was very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. He was informative about the issues with the mould and water in my boot and described exactly what he needed to do to resolve this. He also took extra measures in making sure that would be prevented from happening again.


Finding the best car detailing service in Sydney is essential if you want your car professionally restored. We’ve chosen the best car detailing services that offer the perfect balance between cost, customer service, and car detailing packages.


This depends on the type of car detailing service you choose. A quick detailing can take around two hours while a larger project can take a few days.

Detailing your car yourself may seem like a cheaper option but it may end up costing more. You have to purchase all the necessary tools and if anything goes wrong you still need to take it to a professional car detailer to correct it.