Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

We reviewed all of the criminal law firms in Sydney to find the best in the city. If you’re looking for a criminal lawyers near you, you’ll want to trust a Top Expert.

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By Eric Lyerly
Last edited on: March 27, 2023
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In this article, we’ll be exploring the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, who are renowned for their exceptional skills and expertise in defending clients against a wide array of criminal charges. 

These legal professionals have built strong reputations by securing favourable outcomes for their clients, whether it’s through skillful negotiations or hard-fought courtroom battles. 

From minor offences to serious criminal cases, these top-tier Sydney-based criminal lawyers are ready to provide quality representation and guidance.

Top 15 Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

We used the following criteria to help determine the top criminal lawyers in Sydney: 

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1. Sydney Criminal Lawyers®

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Website
Address:Museum Towers, 503/267 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 9261 8881
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 915 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Criminal Law Service, Traffic Law Service

Sydney Criminal Lawyers is one of Australia’s top criminal defence and traffic law firms. They have been awarded Criminal Defence Firm of the Year in Australia for five consecutive years. 

Their legal services focus on handling criminal offences, drug offences, assaults and apprehended violence orders, fraud offences, sexual offences, traffic offences, drunk driving, disqualified driving, disqualified driving, and drug driving. 

They also offer great legal services for breaking and entering, centrelink fraud, commonwealth offences, dangerous dog cases, drug offences, firearms offences, crime commission, fraud charges, malicious damage, murder and manslaughter, offensive language and conduct, public order offences, offences against public justice, robbery offences, sexual offences, stealing offences, tax fraud, and terrorism charges. 

All these services come with a fixed fee and a free first appointment. Principal Lawyer Ugur Nedim and his team of specialist lawyers operate across nine offices.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Kent Park is an amazing lawyer. He is professional, efficient, helpful, and most importantly, he made me feel at ease despite my situation. Even if I lack knowledge about the laws here in Australia, he made sure that I am well oriented regarding my case and he kept me updated throughout the process. As a result, my case turned out better than I could’ve hoped for. He is the best man for the job and I am truly grateful to have him represent me. Any client would be fortunate to have Kent Park as their attorney because they will be in good hands. I would definitely recommend him for any of your legal needs. Again, thank you so much Mr. Park!”

Abbas & Co Lawyers Logo

2. Abbas & Co Lawyers

Address:Suite 9, Level 3/402-410 Chapel Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200
Phone:02 8764 4753
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 333 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Criminal Law Service, Family Law Service, Civil Litigation Service, Traffic Offences Law Service, Immigration Law Service, Commercial Law Service

Abbas & Co Lawyers provide a range of legal services from their team of legal professionals. Among their focus is family law wherein their lawyers handle sensitive cases with immense respect and compassion. 

For criminal law and traffic offences, they have great defence lawyers for every type of case. They can also handle civil law disputes and litigations, this includes concerns such as compensation, breach of contract, negligence, and defamation. 

If you need conveyancing aid, Abbas & Co is also home to skilled and experienced conveyancing solicitors. Abbas & Co are also capable of aiding you in all property transactions.


Customer Review Highlights:

“Abbas & Co lawyers, the best lawyers in sydney. The professionalism in this law firm is outstanding and you can not go wrong with them. I had a drivers suspension which i appealed and with the help of Fadi Abbas & his associates, i got the whole suspension removed. I wouldn’t go to any other law firm after meeting the team at Abbas & co lawyers. They’re all happy to be at their job & love assisting the community with the mistakes they’ve made. If ever in trouble or have an issue, feel no hassle to visit Abbas & co lawyers as they will put their 110% in every situation and assist you. I will definitely visit Abbas & co lawyers in any situation i get out in. Feel free to contact them and you will be met with Diana. The smartest and sweetest Lawyer.”

Australian Criminal Law Group Logo

3. Australian Criminal Law Group

Address:Suite 2, Level 1/154 Marsden St, Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone:02 8815 8167
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 297 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Criminal Law Service, Traffic Law Service

Australian Criminal Law Group is a legal firm with criminal lawyers based in Parramatta, Sydney, and Blacktown. This group of lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience in Australian criminal law. 

The Australian Criminal Law Group lawyers represent their clients across all criminal law matters, including drug offences, traffic offences, murder, manslaughter, firearms, violence, break and enter, sex offences, and more. 

They also appear in all traffic and criminal matters, including bail applications, sentencing, trials, apprehended violence orders, and criminal and river license appeals. The first consultation is free, and the fees for the services are fixed for most matters. 

Joseph Correy is the co-founder and managing partner of the Australian Criminal Law Group. He regularly appears in the District Court, Supreme Court, Local Court, and Court of Criminal Appeal.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Cannot thank Steven Mercael enough for the work he had done representing me for the exact deserved and desired outcome I was granted. Steven cares for he’s clients getting an understanding of their situation, he goes above and beyond to reach the best possible outcome. I definitely recommend Steven no matter how complex the case as he is extremely competent/professional and outshines other representatives.”

National Criminal Lawyers® Logo

4. National Criminal Lawyers®

National Criminal Lawyers® Website
Address:F7/91 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone:1800 274 652
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 243 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Criminal Law Service, Traffic Law Service, Mental Health Applications Law Service

National Criminal Lawyers is one of Sydney’s most reputable criminal law firms founded by Michael Moussa. He is joined by equally fierce criminal lawyers Sylvie Houston and Jinan Ibrahim. They have a record of 94% no criminal conviction recorded, 72% charges withdrawn, 78% cost against NSW police and 83% defended hearings won. 

This signifies their team’s professional legal excellence. Among the criminal offences they handle are drug offences, sexual offences, violent offences, public order offences, property offences, guilt by association, and commonwealth offences. 

They also take on traffic offences, including reckless & negligent driving, police pursuit, predatory driving, beating the red light and more. National Criminal Lawyers also accept mental health applications. 

Courts they attend are in Hornsby, Liverpool, Parramatta, Penrith, Sydney, Fairfield, Wollongong, and others. 

You can contact the National Criminal Lawyers team through their dedicated hotline: 1800-CRIM-LAW.

Customer Review Highlights:

“My thanks and praise goes to Michael Moussa, if you’re ever looking for a lawyer this is the man to go to. He was only given a 4 hour notice to represent, and he was still the most prepared lawyer in the courtroom that day, having the facts, case precedents and law specifics. Efficient, and extremely knowledgeable, he knows what he’s doing and its a marvel to see him work.”

5. Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia®

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia® Website
Address:Suite 279, Level 3/398 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 8606 2218
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 191 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Criminal Law Service, Traffic Law Service

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia® has amongst the top senior criminal lawyers with decades of experience, and a track record of successfully getting charges dropped early, securing ten non-convictions and not guilty verdicts across all Supreme Courts and Local District in Australia. 

The lawyers from this firm are highly respected criminal law experts who often appear in popular television shows, newspaper articles, and radio talk shows. 

The firm operates in Sydney, Parramatta, Liverpool, Newcastle, Wollongong, Penrith, Blacktown, and Campbelltown. 

Their lawyers specialize and represent clients in all criminal and traffic law cases, including complex fraud, money laundering, proceeds of crime and murder, complex drug importation and large commercial supply, complex armed robbery, sexual assault, indecent assault and all assaults and AVO, drug possession, drink driving, drug driving and all traffic charges. 

The principal lawyer at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia® is Jimmy Singh. He has a wealth of experience in regularly appearing in Local, District and Supreme Courts for serious criminal and traffic cases, especially murder, firearms and weapons, dangerous driving, drunk driving, armed robbery, drug importation and supply, fraud involving millions of dollars, all sex offences, and difficult and complex bail applications.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Kent Park is an amazing lawyer. He is professional, efficient, helpful, and most importantly, he made me feel at ease despite my situation. Even if I lack knowledge about the laws here in Australia, he made sure that I am well oriented regarding my case and he kept me updated throughout the process. As a result, my case turned out better than I could’ve hoped for. He is the best man for the job and I am truly grateful to have him represent me. Any client would be fortunate to have Kent Park as their attorney because they will be in good hands. I would definitely recommend him for any of your legal needs. Again, thank you so much Mr. Park!”

Astor Legal Logo

6. Astor Legal

Astor Legal Website
Address:level 1, Suite 1 Level 2/38/40 George St, Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone:02 7804 2823
Reviews:4.9/5 ⭐ from 184 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Criminal Law Service, Traffic Law Service, Drink Driving Law Service, License Appeals Service

Astor Legal is headed by Avinash Singh, one of Australia’s most renowned criminal lawyers. He is recognised as an accredited specialist in criminal law by the Law Society, which the top 6% Australian lawyers only achieve. He has represented Olympians and National Rugby League (NRL) players. 

Astor Legal is home to competent criminal, traffic, domestic violence, and drunk driving defence lawyers. Their services have been acknowledged by the ACQ5 Law Awards 2020, The Law Society of NSW Professional Standards Scheme, and more. 

Criminal cases they deal with include affray, assault, domestic violence, property damage, sexual offences, weapons charges, and others. 

They are also experts in handling bail applications and appeals. All these come with a fixed fee. To assure you are in great hands, they have a senior lawyer guarantee backed with more than 100 five-star reviews.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Avinash was fantastic in handling my case. I am extremely satisfied with the result and the way he represented me. Communication was always clear, calm and delivered in a way I could understand. He dealt with the matter better than I could have hoped for, giving me the best result I could ask for. I would be sure to highly recommend him.”

Sydney Criminal Defence & Traffic Lawyers Logo

7. Sydney Criminal Defence & Traffic Lawyers

Sydney Criminal Defence & Traffic Lawyers Website
Address:Level 7/233 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 8059 7121
Reviews:4.8/5 ⭐ from 155 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Criminal Law Service, Traffic Law Service

Sydney Criminal Defence & Traffic Lawyers is an established law firm expert in all criminal and traffic law matters. The lawyers from this firm represent clients daily in the Local, District, and even in the Supreme Courts of New South Wales. 

They offer legal help with assault offences, drug offences, apprehended violence orders, fraud offences, goods in custody, homicide larceny, and robbery. 

Robert Daoud is the Principal Lawyer of the Sydney Criminal Defence & Traffic law firm. He is a fierce advocate for his clients, obtaining the best possible outcomes in their cases, including countless section 10s on guilty pleas, a not guilty verdict in the Queensland bikie ‘super trial’, and a suspended sentence for a $1 million fraud. 

Robert has appeared on television, radio, and print media networks with reference to his matters or on request of his legal opinion.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Rob, Heath and Pema are excellent to work with, advice when you need it, no time wasting. Rob is direct but has a warm personality which puts you at ease and has expert level legal know how of his area of law. Highly recommended.”

Armstrong Legal Logo

8. Armstrong Legal

Armstrong Legal Website
Address:Level 8/66 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 9261 4555
Reviews:4.6/5 ⭐ from 414 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Family Law Service, Criminal Law Service, Corporate Crime Law Service, Commercial Law Service, Contested Wills Service, Traffic Law Service, Admin Law Service

Armstrong Legal is a law firm in Australia that started as Brezniak Neil Smith in the 1980s. The firm has grown and now has a team of 25 lawyers. These lawyers offer legal services from Armstrong Legal headquarters in Sydney and its Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth offices. 

In December 2019, the firm joined the Go to Court Lawyers group, the largest law firm in Australia. Armstrong Legal lawyers are experts in family law, criminal law, wills and estates, corporate crime, and traffic law matters. 

They speak different languages and hence can cater to people who are not natives of Australia. The national director of the contested estate division of Armstrong Legal is Alun Hill. Alun got his wills and estates law specialist accreditation in 2019. 

Doyles named him as one of the leading wills and estates litigation lawyers in New South Wales. Alun worked on a wide range of estate litigation matters, including probate and administration, equitable estoppel, family provision, estate administration disputes, will validity claims, superannuation claims, and construction.

Customer Review Highlights:

“My son got himself into strife with a traffic issue and we were recommended to Tyson Brown who I must say is a great lawyer. Tyson gave us great advice and was able to guide us through the process with his extensive knowledge, experience and know how. He was able to speak to all aprties involved and bring down any barriers and together we were able to achieve an outcome that other lawyers said was next to impossible. I have no hesitation in recommending Armstrong Legal and Tyson in particular and thank him for his efforts and hard work.”

Powerhouse Law Australia Logo

9. Powerhouse Law Australia

Powerhouse Law Australia Website
Address:Suite 8, Level 4/20 Macquarie St, Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone:01800 100 529
Reviews:4.9/5 ⭐ from 146 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Criminal Law Service, Traffic Law Service

Powerhouse Law Australia carries a team of accredited specialists in criminal law, senior court advocates, solicitors, and excellent barristers. Their team of professionals handles cases throughout Parramatta, Campbelltown, Newtown, Waverly, Burwood, Blacktown, and other courts throughout Sydney and NSW. 

They have a great deal of expertise in criminal law cases including assault and harm, sexual touching and intercourse without consent, breaking and entering, firearms and weapons, damaged property, car re-birthing, and more. 

They also handle cases in traffic law, family law, wills and estate planning, property law, immigration law, commercial law and employment law. Powerhouse Law Australia handles bail applications, Section 10, penalties, and appeals. 

The first consultation for all of their services is free and you can call them 24/7. Lawyers at Powerhouse are also multi-lingual, speaking fluent English, Arabic, Lebanese and Hindi.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Wow. Chadi is the best lawyer I have come across by far, and I have delt with a lot of them.
His professionalism and knowledge inside and outside the court room is next to none, I have recommended him to everyone I know. His hard work dropped my charges to 1/4 of what they should have been. Great person to work with.”

Juris Criminal Law Logo

10. Juris Criminal Law

Juris Criminal Law Website
Address:Suite 6 Level 2/20 Macquarie St, Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone:02 9633 9966
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 124 reviews across 1 profile
Services:Criminal Law Service, Traffic Law Service

Juris Criminal Law is led by Joseph Nashed, who has been in the field of criminal law for more than 20 years. 

He has been defending clients with the most severe criminal cases, including common assault, actual bodily harm, reckless wounding, inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent, sexual touching, stalking/intimidating, and assault against police officers. They can also handle traffic offences. 

The knowledgeable and fierce defence lawyers at Juris Criminal are ready to serve you, starting with a free initial consultation. They are also reachable 24/7 to help you with more of your concerns and questions after the consultation. 

To provide you with financial aid, Juris Criminal has flexible payment terms. 

Their main office is located in Suite 6, Level 2, 20 Macquarie Street, Parramatta, and they also have a location in Sydney CBD which you can visit through an appointment.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Joseph Nashed is an exceptional lawyer that achieves results unlike any other. Not only is he extremely well versed in the law, he is confident and performs outstandingly in court. Joseph maintains a level of commitment for every one of his clients throughout the entire process and takes the time to make them feel at ease despite their stressful circumstances. Most importantly, Joseph manages expectations and persistently delivers the right outcome. I strongly recommend Juris Criminal Law!”

11. Wayne Pasterfield Lawyer

Wayne Pasterfield Lawyer Website
Address:9A Eton St, Sutherland NSW 2232
Phone:02 8539 7607
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 124 reviews across 1 profile
Services:Family Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Criminal Law

The Shire Lawyer, Wayne Pasterfield, specializes in all criminal and traffic law matters. As one of the senior defence lawyers in the Sutherland Shire and Cronulla, Wayne is well experienced in all legal issues his clients may find themselves in. 

He appears weekly at Sutherland Shire Courthouse and all Sydney and New South Wales courts. Having diverse legal experience, Wayne also regularly appears on the Appeals Panel at Racing NSW. 

Wayne provides defence lawyer services for all types of cases, including drunk driving, assault solicitor, traffic offences, and more. As an assault lawyer, Wayne has appeared in many Sydney courts at different levels, from the Local Court to the Supreme Court.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Wayne made me feel so comfortable in one of my lowest point.I had complete faith in him that he knew my circumstances and he had it all in control. He far exceeded my expectations so I can not thank him enough.”

12. Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers

Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers Website
Address:Suite 1003/265 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:1300 745 368
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 121 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Criminal Law Service, Family Law Service

Australian Criminal and Family Lawyers is a firm that offers legal services for clients who get involved with criminal and family charges. They have an expert team of lawyers with a proven track record of success inside and outside the court. 

The lawyers at this firm deal with criminal offences, bail applications, criminal defences, mental health discharge, Section 10 or no conviction, apprehended violence orders (AVO), appeals, traffic offences, and withdrawing charges. 

Osman Samin is the Principal Lawyer of ACFL. He is a Criminal Law Accredited Specialist who represented clients in all jurisdictions, including the Local Court, the District Court, the Supreme Court, the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal, the Family Court of Australia, and the Federal Circuit Court. 

Samin has appeared as an advocate in some notably large cases, including murder, terrorism, firearms offences, large commercial drug supply, serious assaults, and aggravated robberies.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Osman samin was my lawyer, I couldn’t be happier with my result! His work in court was amazing, I highly recommend him!!”

13. Streeton Criminal Lawyers

Streeton Criminal Lawyers Website
Address:Suite 3.01/50 Park St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 9025 9888
Reviews:4.9/5 ⭐ from 92 reviews across 1 profile
Services:Criminal Law Service, Traffic Law Service, White Collar Crime Law Service

Streeton has been recognized as a First Tier Criminal Law Firm from 2017-2022 by Doyle’s Legal Guide. Their accredited criminal lawyers provide exceptional service and representation to cases that include drug offences, assault, violence, fraud, stealing, sexual offences, importation offences, robbery, bail, sentencing, dangerous driving, drunk driving, illegal driving, drug intoxication while driving, suspended driving licenses, police pursuits, and many other criminal and traffic law violations. 

They offer free consultations for 1st-time clients, whether through the phone or in person, and fixed fees for Local Court matters. You’ll receive an estimate first, then be required to pay an initial retainer before paying the rest of the fees incrementally. 

Founding Partner Justin Wong is an NSW Law Society-accredited criminal specialist with unrivalled experience and expertise in every criminal matter. He works with lawyers Amanda Pappas, Aaron Roberts, Maxene Malaney, and Sheena Naz.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Justin is such a wonderful guy, very considerate and thoughtful. He always arrange s all the issues under control. I definitely 100% trusted him and finally I got really good result in my case. I really appreciated that he helped me out. Thank you very much Justin.”

Hunter Shafiz Lawyers Logo

14. Hunter Shafiz Lawyers

Hunter Shafiz Lawyers Website
Address:Sydney, NSW
Phone:02 9682 5433
Reviews:4.7/5 ⭐ from 122 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Criminal Law Service, Visas and Citizenship and Refugees Service, Family Law Service, Business Law Service, Wills and Probate Service, Conveyancing and Leases Service

Hunter Shafiz Lawyers is a legal firm with two offices: one in Merrylands and the other in Manly. They handle complex criminal matters in NSW and work alongside several expert criminal defence barristers. 

They can also represent you in Tribunal, IAA, and Federal Circuity Court appeals for migration concerns (visas, citizenship, permanent residency, visa cancellations, etc.), facilitate property & lease settlements, handle business disputes, prepare Power of Attorneys, deal with child custody, estate administration, and more. 

Hunter Shafiz Lawyers is associated with Legal Aid NSW, The Law Society of New South Wales and other reputable legal institutions in NSW. The team operates with the promise to be transparent, responsive, and committed to their clients’ objectives. 

To start, you’ll need to book an appointment, provide the necessary information, and pay before recommending the most suitable, cost-effective solution for your case.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Thanks for Hoda and her team members who helped me throughout my visa matter all the way. They are very professional and friendly. I am so pleased with their service. Deserve five stars and definitely recommend them.”

15. LY Criminal Lawyers Sydney

Address:World Tower Commercial, Unit 1511/87 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:1300 595 299
Reviews:4.7/5 ⭐ from 115 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Criminal Law Service, Drink Driving Law Service

LY Criminal Lawyers Sydney is a firm expert in criminal defence cases. Their criminal lawyers attend courts across NSW and interstate. They have offices in Parramatta, Sydney CBD, Liverpool, Gosford, and Wollongong. 

The lawyers at LY have won cases for their clients in Victoria, NSW, Western Australia, Queensland, and the Northern Territory. The team continues to travel to other states in Australia, giving them a wide range of experience in representing clients in different jurisdictions. 

Adam Ly is the Principal Solicitor and Managing Director of LY. He has more than 20 years of criminal law industry experience. Ly appears daily in NSW’s Local, District, and Supreme Courts. He has an extensive background in complex criminal matters in the Criminal Appeal of NSW Court.

Customer Review Highlights:

“I was extremely impressed with every aspect of Ly Criminal Lawyers Sydney. Adam Ly gave me perfect advice and representation, while the firm’s legal secretary, Georgia Snare, oversaw things with prompt efficiency and kindness. A class act all the way around!”


In conclusion, the best criminal lawyers in Sydney are defined by their ability to secure favourable outcomes, strong communication skills, and unwavering commitment to ethics. When facing criminal charges, having the right legal representation can make all the difference. 

By choosing a top-tier law firm with proven expertise and a dedication to their clients’ well-being, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the complex legal landscape. Remember, it’s not just about winning cases, but also about ensuring that justice is served and your rights are protected throughout the process.


The cost of hiring a criminal lawyer can vary greatly, depending on factors like the complexity of the case, the lawyer’s experience, and their billing structure. Some lawyers charge hourly rates, while others offer flat fees or work on a retainer basis. It’s important to discuss fees upfront during your initial consultation.

Your initial consultation is an opportunity to discuss your case, ask questions, and assess the lawyer’s expertise. Be prepared to provide an overview of your situation, share any relevant documents, and inquire about the lawyer’s experience handling similar cases. This will help you determine if they’re the right fit for your needs.