Best Financial Planners in Sydney

We reviewed 167 financial planners in Sydney to find the best in the city. If you’re looking for a financial advisor near you, you’ll want to trust a Top Expert.

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By Christian Sculthorp
Last edited on: March 9, 2023
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It’s not easy to plan your own financial future and you may need some help, no matter where you stand with your available funds. This is why an experienced financial planner in Sydney is a great way to meet your short- and long-term financial goals and get the right investment advice. 

We’ve reviewed heaps of financial advisors in Sydney, so you can choose the right professional to work with and plan your financial future the right way. 

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Top 15 Financial Planners in Sydney

We rated each of our Top Experts financial planners according to the following:

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1. Sydney Financial Planning

Sydney Financial Planning Website
Address:Suite 13/201 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff NSW 2027
Phone:02 9328 0876
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 241 reviews across 3 profiles
Services:Investment Planning Service, Retirement Planning Service, Superannuation Service, Wealth Creation Service

Sydney Financial Planning was established in 1988 and had over three decades of serving clients across Australia. They have offices in New South Head Rd, Edgecliff and Princes Highway, Corrimal. 

Specialist investment planning advisers of Sydney Financial Planning can help clients with several financial areas like investment advice and planning, Suitable ownership, structuring and taxation, Pre-retirement planning for accumulators, Retirement incomes planning, tax minimization, superannuation, children’s education plans, and strategic property advice and planning. 

The fee for the first consultation amounts to $99. The initial advice fee is $3,900, payable upon implementing the initial plan. The ongoing plan tracking services and investment advice begin at $292 per month (tax deductible). 

William Bracey is the Senior Financial Planner and Principal of Sydney Financial Planning. He is one of the individuals awarded with the Most Trusted Advisers Network from 2013 to 2015. He also was the winner of the Gerald Lippman Award in 2019. 

Sydney Financial Planning is actively involved in several Sir Davin Martin Foundation fundraising campaigns. They have been helping the foundation since 2014.

We appreciate the care and effort they put in with every client. All of the feedback we’ve seen from past clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Experienced and trustworthy association with Sydney Financial Planning and its founder and principal over 30 plus years. Their advice has been exemplary and I have relied on their expertise to the full extent and continue to so do. I recommend them without hesitation.”

Pivot Wealth Logo

2. Pivot Wealth

Pivot Wealth Website
Address:Pivot Wealth, Level 1/388 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 8091 6881
Reviews:4.9/5 ⭐ from 122 reviews across 3 profiles
Services:Financial Planning and Strategy Service, Employer Share Scheme Service, Tax Service, Financial Project Management Service, Business Owner Service, Property Planning Service, Investment Planning Service, Saving Service, Superannuation Service

Pivot is a personal finance company that teaches its clients how to manage their income and assets better. 

Ben Nash, the founder, started Pivot Wealth to help young professionals make smart money decisions and cultivate their hard-earned income for their future. 

By signing up with Pivot, you get your own personal financial adviser who’ll help you assess your situation and navigate your way towards a more balanced financial life through savings, investments, sound tax management, and more. 

Pivot was featured on GQ, Financial Review, Sunrise, and If you want to hear what their different advisers can offer, you can tune in to their podcast, available on Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, and Podbean.

Customer Review Highlights:

As a first timer considering investing I was incredibly daunted by the often conflicting information in market that I had basically given up hope of making my money work harder for me. After participating in a Pivot wealth workshop I have a new found confidence and desire to play. Amidst some great content I felt Ben presented the complex elements of investing in an incredibly easy to understand way that was perfectly targeted to me and the audience as a whole.

Inner Wealth Solutions Logo

3. Inner Wealth Solutions

Inner Wealth Solutions Website
Address:Level 1/60 Martin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 9063 5975
Reviews:4.8/5 ⭐ from 110 reviews across 3 profiles
Services:Financial Health Check Service, Cash Flow Management Service, Wealth Management Service, Superannuation Service, SMSF Service, Debt Management Service, Investment Advice Service, Tax Planning Service, Estate Planning Service, Planning for Retirement Service,

Tony Lu established Inner Wealth Solutions in 2020. Tony is a certified financial planner who worked for several established financial companies before starting his own. He worked as a transition service consultant at ING in 2003 and became a senior financial planner at Infocus Advisory Australia in 2005. 

Tony joined an elite group of financial advisers that have achieved the status of Most Trusted Adviser and received a CFP qualification. He is also consistently awarded as one of the Top Financial Planners in Sydney based on Adviser Ratings, and in 2017, he was top 6 in the AFA Adviser of the Year Awards. 

Inner Wealth Solutions provides financial advice for financial health checks, cash flow management, life insurance, income protection plan, superannuation, self management super fund, debt management, investments, tax planning, estate planning, and retirement plans. 

Customer Review Highlights:

“We were looking for a good financial adviser for a while and from our first meeting with Tony he gave us confidence and support in understanding our financial position much more closely and worked with us on possible ways we can grow our wealth. He is available when we have wanted to run any investment type questions by him and is always very happy to share his knowledge and expertise. Very happy we found Tony and look forward to working with him.”

4. Financial Spectrum

Address:level 13/447 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 8238 0888
Reviews:4.9/5 ⭐ from 95 reviews across 3 profiles
Services:Financial Planning Service, Budgeting and Cash Flow Service, Strategic Financial Planning Service, Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) Strategy Service, Share Investing Service, Property Investment Service, Mortgage and Borrowing Service, Tax Minimization Service, Accounting Service, Superannuation and SMSF Service, Transition to Retirement Service, Life Insurance Service, Estate Planning Service

Financial Spectrum is a privately-owned firm founded in 2013 with offices in Balmain, Bondi Junction, and Sydney CBD. They have a Certified Financial Strategist accreditation, a member of the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals, and a member of the Association of Financial Advisers or AFA. 

They offer financial services which include financial advice, financial planning, strategic financial modelling, insurance, budgeting and cashflow management, superannuation, tax minimization, self-managed super funds or SMSF, property investment, transition to retirement, estate planning, mortgage and borrowing, business advisory, and accounting. 

Brenton Tong is its managing director and senior financial adviser. Brenton is a member of the Association of Financial Advisers, the Responsible Investment Association of Australia, and the Association of Financial Professionals. He is also a FINSIA senior associate member and is consistently ranked one of Sydney’s top financial planners. 

Through his leadership, Financial Spectrum has been sharing financial insights in several media outlets and private institutions like 7 News, Domain, Money Management,, Business Insider, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Yahoo Finance, ABC, Financial Review, and Brisbane Times.

Customer Review Highlights:

“I have really enjoyed working with Brenton and the Financial Spectrum team. Meeting with Brenton has provided us with value that spans well beyond just purchasing an insurance product. He has provided fantastic guidance in our wealth building journey and has been a great contribution to both my partner and I. I highly recommend his service.”

Delta Financial Group Logo

5. Delta Financial Group

Delta Financial Group Website
Address:Level 11/22 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 9327 4338
Reviews:4.8/5 ⭐ from 60 reviews across 3 profiles
Services:Strategic Financial Advice Service, Tax Planning Advice Service, Investment Management Service, Cash-Flow Management Service, Superannuation Management and Advice Service, Self-Managed Superannuation Funds Service, Retirement Planning Service, Estate Planning Service, Personal amd Business Insurance Service

Delta Financial Group, established in 2011, is a team of financial professionals helping people achieve financial security and, if possible, retire 5 to 15 years earlier. Its headquarters is in Market St, Sydney and services clientele like professionals, IT experts, and entrepreneurs across Australia. 

They offer strategic financial advice, tax planning advice, investment management, cash-flow management, superannuation management and advice, self managed superannuation funds, retirement planning, estate planning, and personal and business insurance. 

Mike Sikar is heading Delta Financial Group as its CEO and Founder. He has more than twenty years of wealth management experience in financial planning and stockbroking. He regularly writes articles for several financial publications across Australia, like the Virgin inflight magazines and Humble Savers and has been featured as a finance expert on Sky Business. 

Financial Standard also nominated Mike as one of the 50 Most Influential Social Media Users in finance. His financial advice is regularly seen in the Huffington Post and the Australian Financial Review.

They are a tech-forward financial advisor firm, so if you’re looking for a modern look at financial advice give them a look.

Customer Review Highlights:

“I was looking for a financial adviser who understands my unique position as a tech professional with an employee share scheme and a colleague recommended I speak with Mike. Mike has helped me understand how to make my money work harder and has provided me with a tailored approach with advice and planning I really value. Mike is super responsive, knowledgeable and personable, someone you want on your team.”

6. Apt Wealth Partners Sydney

Apt Wealth Partners Sydney Website
Address:28/31 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 8262 4000
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 54 reviews across 3 profiles
Services:Superannuation and Investments Service, Self-managed Superannuation Fund Service, Property Financial Planning Services, Wealth Protection Services, Estate Planning Services, Home Loans, Retirement Services, Inheritance Financial Planning Services, Aged Care Financial Planning Services, Divorce Financial Advice, Redundancy Financial Advice, BeApt.

Apt Wealth is a multi-awarded financial planner that works around six core principles: transparency, growth & protection, diversification, acting at the right time, income maximisation, and fee minimisation. 

James McGregor and the entire Apt Wealth team offer extensive services covering estate planning, superannuation, home loans, wealth protection, retirement, aged care planning, divorce planning, redundancy, and more. 

They’ve been awarded the 2021 Professional Practice of the Year, the 2021 Financial Standard 50 Most Influential Advisers, and the 2019 Certified Planner of the Year, to name a few. 

With innovation among its principal framework, Apt Wealth launched BeApt, a series of cloud-based tools that help singles and couples monitor and control their finances to better prepare for the future.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Highly recommend APT Wealth Partners. As a client I have received  first class financial advice, care and service delivered with clarity, calm and integrity.  Adviser and his team always available to answer questions and offer support when asked for.”

Jacaranda Financial Planning Logo

7. Jacaranda Financial Planning

Jacaranda Financial Planning Website
Address:60 Margaret St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 9240 2610
Reviews:4.5/5 ⭐ from 102 reviews across 2 profiles
Services:Debentures, Stocks or Bonds, Deposit and Payment Products, Derivatives, Foreign Exchange Contracts, General Insurance Products, Investment Products issued by Life Companies, Investor Directed Portfolio Services, Managed Investment Schemes, Margin Lending Facilities, Personal Life Insurance Products, Securities, Superannuation and Pensions.

Jacaranda Financial Planning is a firm based in New South Wales & Victoria. It has over 30 years of experience providing financial advice to its clientele in these locations. 

Brett Stene is one of the founders of Jacaranda FP. He started his career in the financial service industry in 1986. Over the past three decades, Brett has become vital to some adviser groups’ research and strategy operations. Throughout his career, Brett developed new financial products, sat on several boards, worked in funds management, and lectured and consulted internationally. 

Jacaranda FP provides personal and general advice and services related to stocks and bonds issued (or proposed to be issued) by a government agency, debentures, deposit and payment products, derivatives, foreign exchange contracts, general insurance products, investment products issued by life companies, investor directed portfolio services, margin lending facilities, investment schemes, life insurance products, securities, and superannuation.

Their initial consult is free so why not let them have a look at your situation? Won’t cost you a penny!

Customer Review Highlights:

“I have received solid financial advice from Jacaranda over many years and am extremely happy with their ongoing management of my superannuation fund. Most recently Pat Adams, senior advisor provided a very professional review of the funds’ status and further advice going forward.  I feel my fund is in very good hands.”

FinancialAdvisor Logo


FinancialAdvisor Website
Address:11/99 York St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:1300 881 818
Reviews:4.9/5 ⭐ from 49 reviews across 3 profiles
Services:Financial Planning Advice is one of the best financial advisors in Sydney. It was founded and operated by James Gerrard, who was named by Wealth Professional as one of Australia’s top 50 financial advisers. 

James has been a Certified Financial Planner professional in the financial service industry since 2001. Before putting up his firm, James was a Senior Financial Adviser at Godfrey Pembroke Financial Consultants and a partner of PSK Financial Services. He had worked for the NSW Attorney General’s Department’s Corporate Finance and Financial Advisory team. 

James received several awards, which include the Top 50 Financial Panner in Australia in 2010 and 2012 and a national finalist in the Value of Advice Awards by the Financial Planning Association of Australia. 

The financial advisors at provide professional advice for retirement planning or transition to retirement, wealth accumulation planning, investment planning, superannuation, tax planning, cash flow and budgeting, funds management, estate planning, insurances, business succession, property investment, and corporate superannuation.

Customer Review Highlights:

“I highly recommend James as a financial advisor. He’s very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, as well as being clear in communication and patient in explaining things in a simple way. He and his team have been very helpful and prompt in assisting me even when I moved overseas and I always felt like I was in good hands with them.”

9. Montara Wealth

Address:Suite 1, Level 6/309-315 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 8330 3733
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 37 reviews across 3 profiles
Services: Financial Planning Advice

Montara Wealth is a reputable financial planner that helps individuals and families prepare for a better future. 

Unlike other financial planners who charge by your investment returns, Montara Wealth charges by the hour and offers their initial consultation for free. They propose logical strategies based on your cash flow forecast, assets, superannuation, tax situation, properties, and other investments, as well as the state of the rapidly changing markets. 

Once you decide on your preferred financial route, the Montara Wealth team will help you manage your cash flow, superannuation, property purchases, insurance, SMSF, estate planning, and shares investing to name a few. 

If you want to build your wealth and learn how to manage the associated risks to maximise returns, you can talk to a Montara Wealth financial planner between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Customer Review Highlights:

David and Ethan have been instrumental in assisting us with financial matters.  As first time investors, they have made us feel at ease with the decisions we had to make in moving towards retirement. They took the time to understand our situation are always approachable and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with them..”

Quantum Financial Logo

10. Quantum Financial

Address:3/9 Help St, Chatswood NSW 2067
Phone:02 8084 0453
Reviews:4.6/5 ⭐ from 47 reviews across 3 profiles
Services: Financial Advisor

Quantum Financial is an independent financial planning company that creates retirement, business, divorce, investment, and accounting plans to help clients live their lives seamlessly and allow them to focus on their passions without worrying too much about their finances. 

Founded and chaired by Bill Mackay, who has been advising people since the 1960s, Quantum Financial has developed its expertise since its inception in 1994. 

They cater to retirees, business people, brand executives, families, and divorcees who have been successful in their careers and are looking for someone to help them plan what’s next in their financial journey. 

Quantum Financial has been featured by reputable publishers, including Business Insider and the Australian Financial Review. 

You can request a consultation meeting by email or by calling them directly.

Customer Review Highlights:

“We met Quantum Financial for the first time earlier this year after being under whelmed with our current advisor. We sort honest, independent and knowledgeable advice and found it in Claire and the Quantum Financial team. Whilst our relationship with Quantum Financial has only just began we have already experienced the level of trust, integrity and level of tailored advice that others have spoken of and the team’s passion for finance. We would not hesitate to recommend Claire and the team to any of our family and friends.”

11. Claire Mackay Independent Financial Planner Sydney

Claire Mackay Independent Financial Planner Sydney Website
Address:3/9 Help St, Sydney NSW 2067
Phone:02 8084 0453
Reviews:4.6/5 ⭐ from 32 reviews across 3 profiles
Services:Financial Planning Services, Self Managed Super (SMSF) Advice, Quantum Financial Services 

Claire Mackay is an independent financial planner nationally recognized as Australia’s pre-eminent financial planner. 

She is an Adjunct Lecturer at Macquarie University, works with high-net wealth clients across Australia, and is the only financial planner in Australia with the highest qualifications in financial planning, law, tax, and Self-Managed Super Fund advice. 

She is not just a certified financial planner but a chartered accountant, a lawyer, a chartered tax analyst, a CA-Financial planning specialist, and a CA-SMSF specialist. 

Claire has worked with respected finance experts such as David Koch, Alan Kohler, Greg Medcraft, and Walkley Award winners Duncan Hughes and Adele Ferguson. 

Claire established Quantum Financial in 1994, intending to provide independent financial advice to their clients in Sydney. Because of her strong background in finance, Claire is frequently invited as a keynote speaker and media commentator. 

She has been requested and featured on Channel 9 News, ABC TV’s Finance Quarter, ABC’s TV’s 7:30, and Sydney Morning Herald.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Claire Mackay speaks my language – the language of investing, aspiring and kicking life goals. My husband and I have kept in touch with Claire over the years for sound financial advice, delivered in plain English. She has known us from when we were newlyweds seeking preliminary advice to homeowners and parents securing our future.”

12. Mirador Wealth Management

Mirador Wealth Management Website
Address:11/65 York St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:02 8014 5889
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 24 reviews across 1 profile
Services:Wealth Creation Advice, Superannuation Advice, SMSF Advice, Wealth Management Services, Financial Planning Services, Insurance Advice, Cash Flow Management, Debt Advice

Mirador Wealth Management is a privately-owned financial advising company not associated with any financial institution or financial product provider. 

They provide value-based financial education tailored to your situation and goals and stay with you even after you’ve reached your financial milestones. 

As members of The Association of Financial Advisers, their professional commitment never dwindles, no matter how complex your financial situation is. 

Marcus Roberts, head financial adviser, implements a 6-step approach to serving the team’s clients: Discover, Fact Finding, Advice Giving, Implementation, Confirmation, and Partnership. Within less than a month, you can receive your custom financial plan based on the information you’ve given, and they will guide you through its implementation and monitoring. 

Whether you’re a retiree, young professional, parent, or businessperson looking to streamline your finances and maximise your wealth potential, Mirador Wealth Management can help you.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Mirador has been instrumental in managing our finances, including super, insurances, personal investments, and even the boring day-to-day stuff. Marcus is always two steps ahead and helps us forward-plan — he stays informed and is proactive about giving advice amid a changing landscape. I fully trust Marcus and his team. Good financial planning is hard to find… I’m glad we don’t have to look anymore!”

Shadforth Financial Group Logo

13. Shadforth Financial Group

Shadforth Financial Group Website
Address:Level 17/100 Pacific Hwy, North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone:02 9919 8888
Reviews:4.8/5 ⭐ from 20 reviews across 3 profiles
Services:Wealth Advice, Investment Strategy, Portfolio Management, Personal Insurance Services, Mortgages & Lending Services, Retirement Planning, Superannuation, Self managed Super, Estate Planning Services, Executive Advice Services, Business Advice Services

Shadforth Financial Group is a highly awarded wealth management and advisory firm servicing private clients and organizations throughout Australia. It was founded in April 2008 after merging 14 specialist firms. 

Its history dates back to 1924, when Hobart established Shadforths Limited. In 2014, IOOF Group acquired Shadforth Financial Group. 

Shadforth Financial Group started operating as a standalone firm within IOOF, but in 2020 was no longer working as a group of companies, hence dropping the ‘Financial Group’ from its name. Shadforth has more than 100 private wealth advisers in their 12 offices across Australia. 

Richard Arnheim is one of their advisers in their North Sydney branch. Rick is a certified financial planner practitioner, a fellow of the Financial Planning Association of Australia, and an Institute of Chartered Accountants member. 

Rick has been invited as a speaker at the Financial Planning Association national conference and has received the FPA’s Value of Advice Award for Retirement Planning. 

Shadforth has a wide range of services, including wealth advice, investment strategy, portfolio management, personal insurance, mortgages and lending, retirement planning, superannuation, self-managed superannuation fund, estate planning, leaving a legacy, executive advisory services, and business advice.

Customer Review Highlights:

“I originally contacted Shadforth Financial Group four years ago for some general financial advice prior to my retirement. Upon meeting with John I was immediately put at ease regarding my present situation and future goals. I have always found John to be extremely honest, knowledgeable, proactive, and takes a genuine interest in me. John’s continued advice has enabled me to relax about my finances knowing it is in excellent hands. I thoroughly recommend Shadforth Financial Group and thank John and his team for looking after my financial future”

Tim Mackay, The Independent Financial Advisor Logo

14. Tim Mackay, The Independent Financial Advisor

Tim Mackay, The Independent Financial Advisor Website
Address:3/9 Help St, Chatswood NSW 2067
Phone:02 8084 0453
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 13 reviews across 3 profiles
Services: Financial Planning Advice, Self Managed Super Fund

Tim Mackay is the director and owner of Quantum Financial, which is based in Chatswood, Sydney. Tim completed a degree in Economics with honours from the University of Sydney by age of 21. 

When he was 26, he became a qualified Chartered Accountant working in finance. His clients were fund managers, pension fund managers on investments, and hedge fund managers. 

Tim travelled to and from London to service clients in Madrid, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Zurich. On top of that, Tim is a Certified Financial Planner, CA, Financial Planning Specialist, and an SMSF Specialist Advisor. 

In 2017 and 2018, he was among one of the Top 50 Financial Advisors in Australia by Barron’s and listed among the most influential advisors by the Financial Standard. 

Years before that, Tim was recognized as the SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) Advisor of the Year. He regularly writes opinion articles in the Smart Section of the Australian Financial Review. 

He is a sought-after keynote speaker, and media commentator featured on ABC TV’s Finance Quarter, Sydney Morning Herald/The Age, and Channel 9 News.

Customer Review Highlights:

“Tim Mackay has been assisting us with financial advice for 4 years now and during this entire period he has never failed to give us sound and wise advice. He is very respectful of our ideas and answers all of our questions. Tim is also very honest and tempers his sound advice with a sense of humour which helps when dealing with money, markets and looking out for our futures. We are very grateful that we have found a financial advisor whom we can trust.”

Abacus Wealth Solutions Logo

15. Abacus Wealth Solutions

Address:Suite 1/43 – 45 Memorial Ave, Liverpool NSW 2170
Phone:02 9734 6111
Reviews:5/5 ⭐ from 13 reviews across 3 profiles
Services:Aged Care Advice, Personal Insurance Solutions, Self-managed Superannuation Adivce, Retirement Planning Services, Centrelink Advice, Gearing and Lending Advice

Abacus Wealth Solutions is a Liverpool-based financial planner that helps retirees, pre-retirees, families, businesses, professionals, and young independents build financial security through data-backed advice on aged care, insurance, retirement, lending, and superannuation solutions. 

They operate two bases, one in Liverpool and the other in Leichhardt, offering some of the most competitive service fees in the market.

 Initial consultations are complementary at Abacus Wealth Solutions, and you can be assured that their CFP-certified consultants will listen and tailor their strategies according to your unique situation. 

You can contact John, Tracey and the rest of the Abacus team through email or phone.

Customer Review Highlights:

John Gregoire from Abacus Wealth Solutions has been our advisors for many years now. Both my wife and I have found the information given to be accurate, helpful and we feel comfortable in having Abucus look after our superannuation investment for our future retirement. Abacus Wealth Solutions make it easy, and are and are always available to assistance with any questions we may have.


Finding the right financial planner in Sydney near you is essential to ensure that you make informed financial decisions and plan your financial future the right way. This completes our list of the best financial planners in Sydney.

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A financial advisor is typically ideal for clients looking to make better financial and investment decisions. A financial planner is best for working out a specific financial goal and making long-term financial plans.

Financial planners are worth the money if you are not sure how to manage your own money and make the right long-term financial goals. Expert financial advice can be helpful to plan your financial future.