Best Pest Control Services in Australia

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Pest control usually costs between $100-$1,000 in Australia, depending on what you need done. Packages usually start at around $200 for two-bedroom houses and go up from there. Pre-purchase pest inspections cost around $300. For specialty pest removal (like large birds nests) it can be more expensive. Prices can vary drastically depending on location as well. 

A pest control expert can usually help with the following pests:

  • Insects (cockroaches, spiders, wasps termites, bed bugs, ants, mosquitos, etc.)
  • Rodents (mice, rats, possums)
  • Birds (nest removal)

While they both deal with pests, they have different methods of dealing with them. An exterminator’s goal is to kill the pests. They usually rely on pesticides to do so. Pest controllers use less toxic methods of dealing with pests. They emphasize prevention instead of elimination and try and solve problems without pesticides.

There are three main methods that pest control experts in Australia utilize:

  • Physical control (use of blockages, traps and other physical means)
  • Chemical control (use of pesticides and insecticides)
  • Biological control (using natural enemies of the pests to control them)

Generally speaking, the tenant is responsible for pest control if the problem arises after they move in and they were the cause of the issue. If there was already a pest problem when the tenant moves in, the landlord should be responsible. These rules slightly change by state, so be sure to check your local state’s laws and regulations.